Smart | Pivot | smart solar shelter
Imagine being able to charge your smartphone or any other device during a short break or an extended stop. For the smart city, the Pivot series rack is equipped with integrated solar panels, perfectly in line with the needs and trends of new digital nomads and sustainability.

The Pivot Shelter Smart project consists of a smart shelter, self-powered with solar panels, and can accommodate up to six bicycles. In addition to the bike station, it also provides electricity to power your laptops or cell phones.

It is safe because it is controlled by sensors that protect it from short circuits, and all the components are regulated by strict European regulations.


Complete photovoltaic setup including:

• MPPT 15A 75V solar charge controller
• Polycrystalline photovoltaic panel
• Cooling system with 40mm axial fans
• 4x1.5m LED strip night lighting (max. 40W)
• AGM Deep Cycle batteries
• 4 double sockets for 3A USB fast charging
• 2 wi fi charging pads

• 220V mains power supply kit