About Us

CITYSì Urban Design is the "positive city". Products for living the contemporary city.

CITYSì designs and manufactures Benches and Seats; Bins; Bollards; Planters; Bike racks; Treeguards; Bus waiting shelters; Car covers; Lighting systems; Fences; Gates; Ecological islands.

Also this year CITYSì continues with renewed commitment to its design research on the "positive city".

Urban space is a complex organism that constantly evolves; the product of the interactions between man and the environment. Interactions not always easily decodable, not always aware, but that translate the city into a multiply of new urban horizons fascinating but not always on a human scale.
The urban space we have in mind, the "ordinary" space in which we move every day, is a space that we not only want to decode and understand, but it is also a space that surprise us, that becomes "extraordinary" each time.
A space that at any time we can recognize as our "urban landscape".
The urban landscape, as we would like to interpret it, is made up of objects whose functionality, conveyed by a careful study of shapes and colors, also translates into a strong "smart" attitude.

In this scenario, we like to imagine our products, proudly Italian from the design to their realization, as artifacts to support an experience: the complete immersion of man in this wonderful complexity that the contemporary urban space offers us. A space that thus becomes the unique and extraordinary landscape of each of us.

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CITYSì FABLAB is the laboratory / incubator in which the products of our collections are designed and prototyped.

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