Digital Oasis - Smart gazebo for smart cities

The Digital Oasis project consists of a smart gazebo, self-powered by solar panels, which can accommodate up to six people. It provides them not only with a workstation but also with electricity to power their laptops.
It is a gazebo to be installed in municipal public parks instead of classic wooden pergolas, or in places inaccessible to electricity (such as in mountains, beaches or remote places).
The project is designed to meet the growing trend of digital nomads and smart working in general. It is proposed to all those public or private entities that decide to offer an open-air workstation to those who have the possibility of working remotely (freelancers of all kinds, Computer Scientists, Digital Nomads, Copywriters, Vloggers, Travel Bloggers, Bike Bloggers, and all those who need support in the shade and a power grid to be able to do their work through a PC, including students.
In order to make this device a real outdoor office, it can be equipped with Internet connection through 4G Slot (NO ACCESS RESTRICTIONS) and wi-fi access module from which you can manage maintenance and monitor any anomalies, including network operation, through a simple dashboard.

It is safe because it is controlled by sensors that protect it from short circuits, and all the components are regulated by strict European regulations, CE marking.


Complete photovoltaic set-up including:
• Remote management and control system with 4G connectivity
• MPPT 15A 75V solar charge controller
• Polycrystalline photovoltaic panel 
• Cooling system with 40mm axial fans
• Night lighting with 4x1.5m LED strips (max. 40W)
• Deep Cycle AGM batteries 
• 4 double sockets for USB 3A fast charging
• Wi-Fi tethering (no hotspot, no social authentication, no filters)
• 220V mains power supply kit