New 2017 Collection
Jan 04
by CITYSì in News

New 2017 Collection

CITYSì presents the new 2017 collection, born thanks to the experience acquired by our designers over the past 6 years and to new collaborations with the IacubinoStoicoDesign and Altraformastudio Studio. A collection full of novelties, bike racks, benches, seats, canopies, planters, recycling bins, bollards, all born within our company section CITYSì LAB FAB, where designers and technicians meet for the engineering of the products, paying attention to the safety of the user, mixing design and functionality, trying to create a perfect urban furniture product.

Ecosustainability and use of aluminum: CITYSì attentive to the support of ecology and combined with a strong experience in the processing of metal alloys, uses aluminum for its urban furniture products, minimizing maintenance, costs and weights. Furthermore, with the wood effect on aluminum, CITYSì offers a valid alternative where wood is present in its products, allowing the reproduction of the grain through an industrial process.