ELIOS | smart bench


Conceived to live the public space respecting our philosophy of positive, sustainable city, the Elios Smart bench is the excellence born to offer the user an increasingly complete experience;

We have combined a modern design bench with new technological solutions, such as renewable energy, IT device charging, intelligent lighting and connection to the Internet.

Our benches are constantly monitored electronically and all functions can be controlled through our intuitive web portal, directly from the end customer.

Elios, in its standard version, requires no additional electrical wiring and the only installation requirement is an outdoor area.

All the electronic components are enclosed in sealed enclosures and the connection points are safe and resistant to atmospheric agents.

It is safe because it is controlled by sensors that protect it from short circuit, and all the components are regulated by the strict European standards, guaranteeing the product the CE marking.

Totally MADE IN ITALY, with contained dimensions, and with an attractive design, the Elios is a bench that adapts to all needs, being completely incorporated into the urban context.


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